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Mr. D'Alessio's Casework

Michael D'Alessio, Jr. Attorney At Law in West Orange, New Jersey, has taken part in approximately 300 jury trials. He has handled a variety of federal and state matters during the investigative stages, some of which did not result in indictments or formal charges being filed. As a cross section of cases and a very small sample of the nature of Mr. D'Alessio's practice, he has tried the following cases:

State of New Jersey vs. Grant

State of New Jersey prosecution for extortion and official misconduct involving substantial issues. After a 3 week trial wherein the jury could not reach a verdict, the case was ultimately disposed of when the defendant was admitted to the Pretrial Intervention Program resulting in a dismissal.

United States vs. Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Company
A Federal prosecution lasting 8 months charging a variety of environmental and obstruction of justice charges. An extraordinarily complicated matter with a total of 6 defendants. This case was tried to a Jury in the New Jersey Federal District Court in the Trenton vicinage. Split verdicts resulted.

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United States vs. Balint
A reverse sting drug case tried in New Jersey Federal District Court, which lasted several weeks wherein 3 defendants were acquitted despite the testimony of several DEA agents and an unindicted co-conspirator that Mr. Balint attempted to purchase drugs from the DEA. An alleged confession was excluded by the trial judge because of misconduct on the part of DEA rendering the so-called confession involuntary. Significant matters of credibility and questionable conduct of the government resulted in the acquittal of all defendants.

United States vs. Maniscalco
A 4 month RICO trial charging defendant and 7 other co-defendants with being members of organized crime wherein complex matters that usually arise in these cases resulted because of wiretaps, undercover agents and government informants.

State of New Jersey vs. Scott
A homicide trial lasting approximately 3 weeks. Defendant was acquitted even though an unindicted co-conspirator who was an alleged eyewitness to the murder testified against the defendant. The jury acquitted the defendant of
all charges.

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